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Samsung boss spotted using the Galaxy Note 9

DK Koh, Samsung CEO, has been spotted using an S pen compatible Galaxy smartphone in the public. With the Galaxy Note 9 being the only smartphone matching the description due for a launch, eagled-eye users have been able to confirm the device.

While there is no clear evidence that we are looking at the Galaxy Note 9, Sammobile notes that zooming into the photo reveals the device’s fingerprint sensor isn’t exactly where it was on the Galaxy Note 8, but instead reveals a horizontal dual-camera setup with a fingerprint sensor below it, conforming with what was previously rumoured.

Some minor cosmetic enhancements aside, the Galaxy Note 9 is not expected to be worlds apart from its predecessor, which is the philosophy Samsung had adopted with the Galaxy S9 as well. As such there isn’t much here to get all excited about other than the fact we are perhaps seeing the Galaxy Note 9 for the first time. In any case, expect more development to unfold as we approach its launch date.

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