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Samsung begins production of LPDDR4X RAM

A trend started in 2018, Samsung’s finally caught up to the 12GB RAM smartphones with a Galaxy S10+ model, with mass production of the LPDDR4X modules for flagship smartphones packing the most advanced technology and hardware. Using a 10nm-class (1y-nm) manufacturing process, these modules have a 34.1GB per second transfer rate.

These chips will also be more power efficient than current models. Samsung’s reducing the thickness of the modules, so components like big batteries and multiple camera modules can fit in when the chip itself is only 1.1mm. The LDDR4X RAM modules will allow users more multi-tasking power and faster search responses too. Production will begin a few weeks after Samsung’s announcement of the new eUFS 3.0 storage that goes up to 512GB, which will be another important tech for the next few years.

Six 16-gigabit LPDDR4X chips were combined to make a single unit 12GB RAM module. Samsung will also be increasing supply of 8GB LPDDR4X DRAM modules by 300% for the second half of 2019 alongside the 12GB RAM modules. As more advanced RAM modules come out, 8GB RAM would likely become the minimum for flagships and would need the supply.

Most tasks on smartphones run well enough on 8/6/even 4GB RAM, so 12GB RAM smartphones don’t appear necessary for now. With Android Q and desktop mode arriving, that could be when it will see use. A Samsung Galaxy S10+ variant with 1TB storage and 12GB RAM would likely be joined by a Huawei P30 Pro model which is expected to match the RAM capacity.

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