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Recording Clear And Fluid Movements With The Samsung Galaxy S10

With superb lenses and technology advancements, imaging from smart phones are no longer limited to only great photos but doubles up as a capable video recorder as well. If you’ve always wanted to produce high quality videos with the convenience of a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s pro-level action camera now gives you the power to go beyond short social media videos, allowing its user to create full length cinematic ambiance films.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Next Generation Pro-grade Camera

For starters, the Galaxy S10 is a highly-capable video camera that offers 2160p video at 60fps and 30fps, 960fps slow motion recording at 720p and HDR10+ capture as well.

First, let’s take a look at the HDR10+ function. HDR10+ is short for 10 bit High Dynamic Range. This recording mode provides you with a broader range of colours via the Dynamic Tone Mapping Technology and the Galaxy S10 is the only phone at the moment offering this. 

This is especially useful when you are recording from a bright to sudden dim lighting conditions and vice versa. This is necessary to keep details and contrast in check and not render all your dark scenes as just a plain black background.

But then, your super clear recordings would be worthless if your videos are all shaky like jelly. For this, Samsung has deployed their Super Steady function to help you out. Samsung’s Super Steady is a video digital image stabilisation (VDIS) technology that is 3X stronger than normal VDIS. This function will keep your panning shots smooth and you will love it especially if you are always recording on the go without a tripod. Most important is the VDIS also works in Full HD mode while most other similar devices aren’t able to.

How to shoot super steady videos

The Galaxy S10 also records in 4K format with Dual Pixel Technology and this is what will make you look like a pro when playing your recordings back on large UHD TV screens. The 4K recording will enable you to relive your moments on the big screen with impeccable details and high contrast with spot on colours.

Samsung has also paid attention to videos that are trending toward widescreen formats, so now you can even record with the Ultra-Wide Angle lens that covers 123º view angle. You can immediately include more into your shots especially breath-taking views and even large crowds. 

There is also a telephoto lens on the Galaxy S10 (not available on S10e) if you want to get up close and personal with no compromise to details and colours. You can easily switch between wide, standard and telephoto lenses during recording as well.

For times when you are not in Nat Geo mode, the front is also equipped with a UHD Resolution and Fast 10MP Dual Pixel Auto Focus camera. Again 4K video recording with the front camera is possible to give you sharp and detailed footage every time you are using the selfie cam and uploading your full screen videos directly to Instagram with the camera app. The audio is always recorded in stereo at 256Kbps bitrate. 

Now with all the pro equipment provided, the only thing that can hold you back is your creativity. It’s time to start impressing your friends and let loose your vlogging skills!

Galaxy S10+ 1TB is available now

The Galaxy S10+ is now available in 1TB of storage with 12GB RAM memory which allows you to record more epic and memorable videos while at the same time, enables you to experience truly flawless multitasking for your day-to-day activities.

Get this Galaxy S10+ in 1TB storage now at a recommended retail price of RM 5,999 and you will be entitled to a free Galaxy A9 worth RM1,999 upon your purchase. Not only that, you will also be receiving a complimentary Marvel’s superhero cover worth RM159 too!

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