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Apple iPhone 5 Lightning connector excites accessories partners and irritates some consumers

September 14, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

14 September 2012 – While the thinner and lighter Apple iPhone 5 is appealing for both customers and Apple fans with a more powerful processor, some of them are annoyed when Apple introduced a new Lightning connector that basically renders all existing iPhone accessories incompatible or obsolete.

Apple iPhone 5 Lightning

The new Lightning uses an 8-pin connector to replace the legacy 30-pin connector that is used on the previous iPhones. Hence, for those who have invested heavily on their iPhone accessories would have to fork out additional $29 (approx. RM90) to purchase a Lightning 30-pin adapter.

Lightning 30-pin adapter

On the other hand, accessories partners see this as a window of opportunity to spike up their sales by introducing Lightning connector compatible accessories.

A report by the New York Times stated that accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod have produced $2 billion income within the United States alone for last year.


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