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Samsung and MPH launches the MPHOnline App

August 9, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus

09 August 2012 – In collaboration with Samsung, MPH has just launched its very first e-book app. Compatible with all Samsung and other Android devices, the app allows users to browse an online catalogue of books which they can then purchase and add their personal library.

Amber Chia seen here with her book 

Various local authors have lent their support towards to the endeavour , with names such as Tun Dr Mahathir, Amber Chia and Sarimah Ibrahim on board. Datuk Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman, Director of MPH Group of Companies Malaysia was quoted to saying that e-books are here to stay, and it is the next step in evolution of books and publishing. While MPH isn’t going full digital, it does complement its brick and mortar stores.

A selection of English, Malay and Chinese books are available online and listed in US Dollars, which customers can then purchase using various online payment methods.

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