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Samsung comparison doc evidence it wants to copy us, says Apple

August 9, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

09 August 2012 - Apple presented an internal Samsung document comparing the original Galaxy S with iPhone as evidence that Samsung has copied its work.

The document written by product Samsung's engineering team highlights where Samsung's flagship phone fell short of the iPhone. The report compared the phones' features point-to-point and where it fell short against Apple’s iPhone. It looks features from the call screen to built-in apps.


In a nutshell, Apple could cite this as its main example where Samsung compared the S1 against the iPhone, and then tried to copy features from the popular smartphone to make it better and more like Apple’s device.

However, Samsung argued that it merely doing research against its rivals.

“Samsung benchmarks many peer companies, in fact these are typical competitive analyses routinely undertaken by many companies - including Apple”, the company said in a statement.

The report points out supposed lack of features like the efficient and effective use of screen real estate, visual interaction effects, such as the saving mail and screen transitions, as well as S1's lack of visual effect.

Despite these supposed weaknesses, the Galaxy S1 posted high number of sales, paved the way for S2 and the current bestseller the S3.

Source: AllThingsD


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