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Expert witness at trial said she is personally confused by Samsung products

August 8, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

08 August 2012 - A graphics expert testifying in the San Jose Apple vs Samsung trial said she has mistaken the devices for each another. Susan Kare, who stood as a paid witness for Apple, is a graphics designer who created the original icons for Apple's first Macintosh.

All Things D reported, that Kare believed that application screens on some 11 Samsung smartphones are "substantially similar" to the iPhone display. Kare pinponted d the similarities "on the rows of four icons, the colourful mix of icons that are square with rounded corners".

She added, "These graphics features create an overall visual impression that confusing to a consumer”.

Kare testified confusing a Samsung handset with an iPhone at a pre-trial meeting, which had a "big conference table with a bunch of smartphones". On the table, she picked up what she thought was an iPhone and found she was holding a Samsung. Kare said, “So I personally have had the experience of being confused".

When under cross examination by Samsung's legal team, Kare did concede Samsung’s individual icons stood out from Apple’s. She also had trouble answering how a consumer could mistake a Droid Charge for an iPhone, especially with a different start-up sequence.

She however summed up that the similarities between the overall designs of the screens, it was 'beyond coincidental’.



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