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Comparison - Nokia 808 Pureview vs Sony Xperia Ion

August 8, 2012
by Jonathan Cheah

08 August 2012 – The Nokia 808 PureView was announced in February 2012, a month after the Sony Xperia Ion was announced at CES.

The Sony is an Android device, while the Nokia is Symbian-powered. The Xperia Ion has been considered the lower specification model of the Xperia S, but it brings LTE capability and a larger screen to make up for its slightly older OS (Android 2.3). Of course, an Android OS is upgradeable – you just need to take the trouble to do so.

The Nokia 808 PureView is a highly anticipated product, mainly because of its 41-megapixel camera. Yep, it takes a while to sink in but a lot of people are already talking about the phone camera that can do better than a professional camera.

The Nokia 808 Pureview has the much-awaited 41-megapixels super camera, probably the main reason why you are reading about it.

It is heavier than the Xperia Ion (169 vs 144g) and only shows 360 x 640 pixels on a 4-inch screen. So before you expect a fantastic screen, that is only about 230,000 pixels, a far cry from the 41-megapixels that the camera is supposed to produce. You will have to transfer whatever picture or video is taken to a HD TV or monitor before the full resolution can be realised.

Its secondary camera is a paltry 0.3-megapixel VGA one. Using the Symbian Belle OS was a surprising touch, and shows that Nokia is hedging its bets regarding the OS of its phones.

The Sony Xperia Ion in addition to being the lighter of the two devices, has better resolution with 720 x 1280 pixels on a 4.55-inch screen.

Performance wise, it would be safe to say that the dual-core 1.5GHz of the Sony, while not a top of the range quad-core, will still do better than the single-core 1.3 GHz of the Nokia. The Sony also has double the RAM (1024 RAM vs 512 RAM+1024 ROM) although the storage is the same 16 GB for both devices.

Its 12-megapixel camera is not too bad, but obviously does not come close to the 41-megapixel of the 808.

The Sony Xperia Ion retail price is at S$798, while the Nokia 808 Pureview is at S$839.  Therefore, there is a S$41 differential between the two.

We think that the Xperia Ion is better in almost every way. Most users should tire of playing with that 41-megapixel camera and then what is left is a rather expensive phone with outdated specifications.

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Nokia 808 Pureview

3.5G HSDPA 14.4 Mbps + WiFi 802.11 b/g/n + NFC + 4-inch Touchscreen slate + 41MP camera + 32GB Internal Storage + Symbian Belle

The Nokia 808 PureView has a 4-inch display with 360 x 640 resolution pixels, a 1.3GHz solo-core processor, a 512MB of RAM and a 16GB internal storage. Also, there is a microSD card slot that accepts cards up to 32GB. The phone will be running the Symbian Belle OS instead of Windows Phone.

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Sony Xperia Ion

4G LTE + HSDPA + WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Touchscreen candybar, 12.0 MP camera, 16GB Memory, Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) 

The Sony Xperia Ion comes with Android 2.3 and comes packing a 4.55-inch 720p display, a 12-megapixel Exmor R primary camera that goes from standby to ready in 1.5 seconds, NFC and LTE – the first for Sony. There is a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and 16GB flash storage.

Aside from the powerful specs, the chassis is ‘thin, lightweight and durable’ and the screen is augmented with Bravia Reality Display components, which was on the Xperia Arc last year and like the Xperia S has a laminated, gapless display. It too is Playstation-certified and the Android 4.0 upgrade is already planned.

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