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Say Hi to Nina, Siriís cousin

August 6, 2012
By Nigel Chew


06 August 2012 – Apple’s virtual assistant may have paved the way for popularity of voice controls on smartphones, although it is far from being perfect. Nuance, a company which collaborates with Apple on that very technology has plans of taking Siri-esque abilities to more apps.

Otherwise known as Nina, it allows developers to build voice capabilities right into their apps, be it iOS or Android, through a software development kit. Targeted at enterprises, Nina essentially takes automated call centre functions and puts it into an app. For example by telling Nina commands like “Pay my bill”, the tasks will be performed automatically, a procedure which would otherwise be complex through traditional means.

The major feature that sets Nina and Siri apart is voice biometrics, meaning Nina can actually tell who the person that’s talking and not someone who just picked up your phone. In other words, it functions as both a security and form of convenience.

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