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Nexus 7 ad scores better than Apple’s genius ads

August 6, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

06 August 2012 – Apple isn’t the only company that took the opportunity of the high-eye rates during the Olympics to air their advertisements. Google too, released an ad on the Nexus 7 tablet.

Instead of using the conventional ad that shows off features of the tablet, the main theme in the Nexus 7 ad is about sharing. In a father-son relationship scenario, the Dad shares the Nexus 7 with his son by watching movies and playing games with him. In addition, he uses the tablet as a knowledge tool with his son by getting information on a frog and exploring the world via Google Earth.

Google’s ad is always emphasizes human connection with technology and it is no surprise that it managed to score 662 out of 950 points according to Ace Matrix ad analyzer, while only one of the Apple genius ads gets the upper-middle score.

Check out all the four advertisements for yourself below.

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