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Microsoft to introduce new term for the 'Metro' UI by this weekend

August 3, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

03 August 2012 - Remember the Metro UI? It was Microsoft's name for the tiled interface for the Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Was is the operative word here, because the Verge is reporting that Microsoft is killing off the Metro design name. A tipster provided the publication with a Microsoft internal memo that confirmed the move.

The move was decided after Microsoft spoke with an important European partner. That meeting led to the decision to stop the use of Metro name. Microsoft’s Windows team is working on a replacement term, and according to the memo the team need to come up with a term by the end of this week.

Until the term is finalised, employees are to refer to the user interface as the Windows 8 style UI. Microsoft says it intends to use Metro’s commercial name as it edges closer to launch.

We’d love to hear any suggestions from you for the upcoming name for the Metro, drop them in the comments sections below. 


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