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Just as many girl gamers as there are guy gamers

August 2, 2012
By Nigel Chew


02 August 2012 – Traditionally, gaming is thought to be exclusively a boy’s hobby, although that is far from being the case.

A research published by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that nearly half or 47% of gamers are female and in 2012, the average age for gamers are 30 years old.  What’s interesting is that women 18 years of age and above represent a significantly greater number of gamers, 30%, than boys aged 17 or younger, who represent 18%. That said, adult males have been playing games longer than their female counterparts, an average of 16 years compared to 12 years.

Smartphones have also affected the gaming industry tremendously as well, with the ESA’s survey finding out that 33% of respondents play games on their mobile devices, with the most popular category being casual games.

Source: G4

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