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Top 7 time wasters for Raya

August 19, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

19 August 2012 – Raya's here, but if you are A.) Done greeting with family, eaten Rendang and Pulut Raya? B.) Bored out of your mind? C.) Stuck in the city while everyone is away? D.) Want to share games with relatives or to beat down your cousins? E.) All of the above. Because we have a bunch of apps to keep you distracted? 

CSR Racing

This free-to-play game has you engage in drag races in a nondescript city, likely inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise. It has a simple premise, you have to time your start and gear shifts perfectly to get your car to go faster than your rival’s. CSR Racing is free but there are in-app purchases, so the game requires 'gold' and has a limited gameplay time per day to keep you coming back. But the great graphics, and license cars and the amount of tuning available will likely hook you in. CSR Racing is available on iOS only.


Song Pop

If you fancy yourself a walking music encyclopaedia, then Song Pop will fit the bill perfectly. Listen to a song and guess the answer within 5 seconds. It is a five song blitz, so you have to be on your tippy toes if you want to keep up with the app. Win and you’ll earn coins, coins which can be then be used to unlock more playlists.  Heap those tough playlist on your friends and you’ll get even more coins.


This app is great for audiophiles who want to test themselves and challenge their friends about their musical knowledge ranging from the 80s to modern hits. Song Pop is free on iOS and Android, and is $1.99 for the ad-free version.

Words with Friends

The Scrabble-like game so addictive, it got Alec Baldwin kicked off a flight - is how Zygna should market this app from now on. The premise of the game is similar to Scrabble, but players are given seven random tiles instead, they may also swap their tiles or skip a turn. Players can either look up opponents on their Facebook lists, or be assigned a random opponent, so you can meet challengers no matter when it is. The app is available free with ads, or you can pay $0.99 for an ad free version.


Zombie Gunship

If you’re one who enjoyed flying the AC-130 levels in Call of Duty, Zombie Gunship is a game solely based on that idea. You would have an aerial view of an apocalyptic landscape, waiting for enemies to appear on your radar. There a wide-selections of weapons onboard for you to mow down the hordes.


When you spot a human figure trying to escape from zombie hoards, this is where accuracy come in. You have to shoot the zombies below you before they eat the remaining humans or reach the bunker. If one does get to the bunker, it will seal itself to prevent the breach and the game is over.  You can't kill too many innocents either.

You can upgrade your weapons to level the playing field. It’s $0.99 on iOS.

ESPN ScoreCenter

With the Premier League beginning in earnest this weekend, why not spend some time catching up on sports with the ESPN ScoreCenter. This free app like its namesake will show the live score sheet of any sports ranging from the Premier League, NBA, MMA or Formula One. So you can catch up on any scores if don’t have access to a TV.


The app also caters to those who prefer to catch up on news on their latest sports, or check out some video highlights. It is on iOS and Android.

Real Football 12

While there are plenty of football-simulators out there, this one stood out because of its good touchscreen control schemes, great graphics, and best of all its free. Real Football 12 has a single virtual joypad and three virtual buttons - pass, shoot and sprint when you have the ball, and press, tackle and press when you don't.


We liked the learning curve, the game eases you in, before cranking up the AI difficulty.  And for those craving for authenticity, the game has licensed over 350 teams, so expect to see your favourite team and players in there.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

Men in Black

Another free-to-play management game, and before you shy away thinking that movie tie-ins suck, this one is actually quite playable. MIB pushes you into a role of rookie agent that has to take care of a new Men in Black headquarters. Once you get settled in, you will be fighting aliens, neuralizing citizens, and managing your headquarters.

Turn-based combat here isn’t the deepest but it is fun nonetheless when you are firing weapons that you've heard from the movie. There is mild micro-management during combat too, you can use medipacks to heal and grenades to blow some stuff up. It is free but there is in-game currency if you want to speed things up.


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