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Samsung says, "It's not copying" Apple in opening statement

August 1, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

01 August 2012 - In an opening statement, Samsung told the court today that any similarities between Apple and Samsung products are just the nature of the electronics industry. Both Apple and Samsung were given an hour and a half to lay out its case.

samsung vs apple

Samsung’s legal representative Charlie Verhoeven said, “It (the iPhone) was an inspiring product to everyone, including the competition”. Verhoeven says that Samsung is inspired by a product and “seeking to make better products is competition”.

He hammers it home by saying, "It's not copying".

Samsung legal team then delved into the difference of between their products, where they showed close-ups of rounded corners and the home screen, and how the devices started up when turned on. Verhoeven then added that Cupertino 'did not invent the rectangular shaped form factor' and 'Apple did not invent having a touchscreen'.

Apple opened by saying that it was the underdog in the world of cell phones and Samsung copied its designs. Samsung then countered by saying it had been a huge innovator and built key components for Apple.

Verhoeven then told jurors,"The guts that make this phone work...they are all supplied by Samsung".

After the opening statements, the case will move into the evidence phase, which includes expert testimonies. 



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