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Olympic Apps

August 1, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

01 August 2012 – Olympic Games, the international game that takes place only once every four years and nobody wants to miss it, not even you. Unless you took a month holiday in advance (from 27th July till 12th August), or you will be like me stuck to my job while the Olympic Games are taking place. Here are some recommended apps so you do not miss out on any details, especially details on Usain Bolt’s 200 metre runs and Michael Phelps’ swimming events.


NBC Olympics Live Extra app (iOS and Android)

This app allows you to stream every athletic competition. It will provide live streams for all 32 sports, the awarding of the 302 medals as well as event rewinds. Users can also view multiple concurrent streams for selected sports, such as gymnastics (each apparatus), track and field (each event), and tennis (up to five courts). Unfortunately this app is restricted to U.S. citizens.


NBC Olympics app (iOS and Android)

Another app by NBC but it does not offer live streaming. Instead, it will have highlights, event schedules, TV and online listings, results, athlete profiles, columns and the Primetime Companion feature.


London 2012 (Join In) app (iOS and Android)

This app covers from the start of the Olympic Torch Relay to the Olympics and Paralympics, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Full and up-to-date event listings for activities, including free events are included. If you do purchase the ticket to the Olympic Games, this app provides you a detailed Olympic Stadium map to locate your seat.


London 2012 (Result) app (iOS and Android)

This app provides all the latest news, schedules and results from the games. There is an updated list of all athletes participating in the Olympic Games, including individual biographies, related news stories and their personal performance at London 2012. You can search for any athletes by sport and by country, and select your favourite sports individuals in the My Games section. The app will then set a reminder on their respective game schedules.


London 2012 Calendar app (Android)

A simple calendar for the London 2012 Olympic. This less-decorated app provides you with the date and time for the games. You can also filter the schedules by choosing the type of games under the event column.


London 2012 Ultimate Guide app (Android)

The Olympic Games only take place every four years so you are bound to see unfamiliar faces other than your national heroes. This app has the results from recent Olympic Games and World Championships. It comes with names and nationality of those participants. It is a recommended guide for beginners.


Finger Olympic app (iOS)

While waiting for your game to start, how about participating in the game itself? This interactive game allows you to play in four of the Olympic Games as the ‘Digit’ character. You will have to beat four other opponents to win the gold medal. You can even share your result in Twitter or Facebook.

That should sums up for the Olympic apps you need. Of course I will still personally advice that you stay at home and watch the games. However, if you are stuck to what you are doing, then start downloading these apps. 

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