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DiGi Jualan Juara Internet

July 6, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

06 July 2012 – DiGi is giving out extra savings on both their plans and devices.

First of all, here the extra savings from monthly rebates (Special Rebates + Auto Billing Rebates) when you purchase any of their devices with DG Smart Plan.


Secondly, the telco is promoting their HTC devices with special device prices. Two of their devices, the HTC Desire C and HTC One V have a device price of RM0 with DG Smart Plan 88 on 24-months contract.


Thirdly, they are also giving the special monthly rebates to customers who are not planning to purchase any devices. The rates are the same.


Lastly, customers who purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note or the HTC One X with DG Smart Plan 68/88 on a 24-month contract at DiGi Jualan Juara Internet roadshow will be rewarded with “exclusive premium”. Here are the dates and venues for the roadshow. 

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