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App Review: Packing (+To Do!)

July 6, 2012
By Nigel Chew


06 July 2012 - Packing for a holiday can be quite hectic, especially when done last minute. You tend to leave important things behind when you can’t get enough time to think about what you need but are missing. Using a list would be handy, but some might not be bothered or forget completely. Now though, there’s a handy iPhone app which looks cool and actually helps in organizing.

Packing and Packing Pro are just about the same, and both let you create lists of the things you need to pack, provide sample lists to jog your memory, template support and they have a big catalogue of items. Of course, you’ll need to download and launch the app before you do anything. Pro options include recovering deleted lists and importing lists from Contacts or iTunes. Expert options allow you to enter things like gender, number of people, age and climate and generate a list from there.

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