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Smart Travelling

July 6, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

06 July 2012 – Always we find ourselves thinking of having a nice holiday with friends or family. It can be spending time taking a detour around Paris, or shopping in London or even just taking a break by the seaside. However, when we think of such vacations, usually we end up hesitating the moment we think of the uncertain expenses, the time required and the things needed for the trip.

Some people will usually go for packages that come with a tour guide and hotel rooms. However, it gets pretty annoying as you have to stick to their timing. Imagine during your visit to London and you are only allowed an hour for shopping in Regent Street. Before you even get to the end of the street, your tour guide honks you to get into the bus for your next destination.

Smart Travelling

At this moment, you probably have given up on your vacation and spend your holiday at home doing the same daily routine. Well, it does not have to turn out that way. By using your smartphone or tablet to download a few apps, you can easily solve your problems.

Here we have some recommended apps which you can use to plan your trips wisely.

Packing (+To Do!) App (RM 3.13)

Packing (+To Do!)

As always, packing can be hectic especially when you try to remember every single detail. Avoid that and download this Packing (+To Do!) app. It is a handy iPhone app which looks cool and actually helps in organizing. You can either create a list of what you need to bring along, or use the samples they have prepared.

Room77 App (Free)


This website allows you to check on hotel room rates around the world. Simply enter your destination, the check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests, and you will find yourself with a list of the hotels with their respective rates. You can even find the hotel location right underneath their hotel name. App(Free)

You now have your stuff packed and your hotel booked, but what should you do there? allows you to create your own travel guide by entering your destination place in the search bar. You can view their highlights, shopping, restaurants, hotels, neighborhoods, and even guides. They also have the top 10 picks list so you can adjust your prioritise attraction-spots.

Trapster App (Optional) (Free)

Trapster App

This app is optional. Download it if you decide to rent a car to drive around the place yourself. Of course the pleasure to roam around freely is great but you will still have to watch out for speed traps, accidents or roadway hazards, especially when you are in an unknown territory.

Whatsapp (RM 3.13)


You have got to stay in touch with your close ones especially when you are out of town. Whatsapp has been used commonly as a messenger app. It allows you to message others who use Whatsapp as well and you can also send photos, audio notes and videos in your conversation. Of course you will have to stay online to use this app. We advice you to use the local Wi-Fi connection and avoid using data roaming while you are travelling to avoid the outrageous roaming charges.

Skype WiFi App (Free)

Skype WiFi

If you need to avoid the outrageous roaming charges but at the same time able to online, then you should try this Skype WiFi. It uses Skype Credit for payment when you browse the Internet at public WiFi hotspots. It is a convenient way for you to bypass all the tedious credit cards or other sign up process to apply for overseas data roaming and the Skype Credit seems to offer lower rates. Check out the rates here.

Postagram App(Free)


If you still love the traditional way of sending postcards, then this app is definitely for you to download. You take a picture, edit it the way you want it, and then send it to your recipients. They will receive a physical copy of the photo in postcard form. Of course it cost money for the postcards. The rates are $0.99 (RM 3.13) (within the United States) and $1.99 (RM 6.30) internationally.

And to sum it up, you will only pay RM 6.26 to get all the above apps. Isn’t it a pretty cheap price to pay for you to get your holiday well-planned? These are just some recommended ones. You can always look for alternatives if you are not satisfied with the list here. Nonetheless, we hope you have a wonderful vacation ahead of you.


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