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Nokia has plan B if Windows Phone falls thorough

July 4, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

04 July 2012 - Nokia is planning a safety net should things not work out with Windows Phone. In an interview with Finnish newspaper Yle Uutiset, Nokia's chairman Risto Siilasmaa defended the move to Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Nokia lumia

However, F-Secure's founder and former chief executive Siilasmaa said the company has a contingency plan if Windows Phone doesn’t turn things around for the embattled phone maker.

Siilasmaa however did not specify what the contingency plan is.

Recently, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8, but Nokia confirmed that its current Lumia devices will not be part of the Windows Phone 8 upgrades. However, Siilasmaa says the decision to switch to Windows is backed up by the face that "Symbian's market share has come down close to zero".

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