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Maxis announces digital ad platform, will push ads to customer base

July 31, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

31 July 2012 – Maxis is offering advertisers the chance to reach the telco's large customer base via a one-stop shop for online and mobile advertising called the Best Integrated Go-To-Market (B.I.G) Media.

B.I.G. Media integrates multiple digital platforms that allow advertisers to target Maxis users with content relevant to them.

Current advertising platform integrated under Maxis B.I.G. Media include myDeals, myLaunchpad, Text alerts and Mobile banners, which are already available on Maxis' mobile portal.

The telco says it has 8 million active mobile internet users, and a community of 5 million customers who have already opted to receive mobile adverting.

Maxis' Head of Product, Device, Innovation & Roaming T. Kugan, said B.I.G Media reinforces its position as the leading integrated communications service provider by offering a one-stop digital platform for advertisers.

He added, "With the ever increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile internet usage, Maxis B.I.G Media is a timely solution that offers advertisers a highly engaging media platform that is efficient, direct, measurable and cost effective. It is essentially a platform for them to ‘talk’ to their targeted customers," said Kugan.

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