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Google search still better than Siri

July 2, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus

02 July 2012 - Fortune reported a little study by Piper Jaffray to compare Siri and Google in terms of query comprehension and accuracy. Not surprisingly, Google still tops Siri in both categories. While it isn’t quite fair seeing that Siri has to interpret the human voice while Google merely needs text that is as clearly written as possible, Google still managed to understand queries 100% of the time and gave correct answers 86% of the time.

Google search still better than Siri

Siri could do 89% of queries and 68% of correct answers while in a quiet room. Siri was asked 800 questions in quiet conditions, so there is quite the sample size there. Siri has to match or surpass Google’s accuracy of B+ from their current D+ and move from D to B or higher to be a viable alternative.




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