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App Review -

July 18, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

19 July 2012 – Planning to travel abroad but you do not want carry around those thick and heavy travelling guides? Worry about hefty roaming fees to check your map online? app could be your handy travelling companion. is a travel app that offers guides for over 120 top places around the world. It also includes downloadable city maps, so you can view them at ease without any Internet connection. It also shows you recommended places such as restaurants, bars, shopping centres and other attractions that you can explore.

Furthermore, the app also lets you browse the hotels available in a city and provide useful information such as the location and the contact number for your convenient to make reservation. It has a social feature which you can see your friends who check-ins via Facebook.  You can add additional places you wish to visit into the guide, or even ask your Facebook friends to recommend you a few point-of-interests. is a free app for Android and iOS.

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