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Double duty

July 18, 2012

THERE are no shortage of iPad keyboards in the market but sadly many of them are built shoddy and don't offer a great typing experience.

Also, one may argue that the iPad's virtual keyboard is so good that a physical one is not necessary. However, the virtual keyboard lacks tactile feedback and takes up valuable screen real estate.

Enter Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, one of the slimmest iPad keyboards that we've laid our eyes on.

The incredibly thin keyboard reminds us a lot of Microsoft Surface tablet's keyboard cover. We wonder if it is just a coincidence that both look strikingly similar in design.

In case you are wondering, the Ultrathin works with both the iPad 2 and third ­generation iPad.

It provides sufficient protection for the screen but doesn't cover the sides or back. If you are worried about accidentally ­scratching your iPad's back, it's best to also get a ­carrying case.

Good fit

The Ultrathin works very similarly to the Apple Smart Cover - it neatly attaches to the left side of the iPad using magnetic hinges. It also instantly wakes up the iPad when the cover is flicked open and sends it to sleep when the cover is closed.

We especially liked the deep, magnetic groove in the keyboard for securely holding the iPad in place.

The groove has a locking mechanism but it only works when the iPad is placed ­sideways. Unfortunately, the groove doesn't hold the iPad securely enough in portrait ­orientation.

The keyboard really comes in handy when you need to type a lot and accurately. The keys are fairly big for such a compact ­keyboard but it still takes a bit of getting used to. It wasn't long before we were typing like a pro and we used the keyboard to type this review.

There are also keyboard shortcuts for speeding up typing. Using the keyboard's Fn button in combination with a number key allows the user to cut, copy, paste and select text.

You can also launch the Safari web browser, bring up Spotlight to search content, and adjust the volume and screen brightness with the handy shortcut keys.



It's rather obvious who will benefit from the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard. It is great for those who spend a lot of time typing on their iPad.

But if you use your iPad mostly for gaming, surfing the Web and watching videos, then the Ultrathin may not be for you.

On the whole, there is little not to like about the Ultrathin, and its slim and ­lightweight design means that you will hardly notice the bulk and still have a keyboard while on the go.

For RM299, the Ultrathin keyboard is a tad pricey but it is well worth the money if you plan to do lots of typing on your iPad.

Pros: Great typing experience; portable and lightweight; handy shortcut keys; works like Apple's Smart Cover.

Cons: Doesn't protect iPad's back; a bit pricey.

Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
Wireless Bluetooth keyboard/cover for iPad
SPECIAL KEYS: Eleven shortcuts and one home button
RATING: 4 stars
Review unit courtesy of Logitech Malaysia,


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