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iPhone 5 Larger Display Rumours Compilation

July 16, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

12 July 2012 – Rumors on the next-generation of iPhone has been largely spread in the net for some time now.  As usual, the closer it is to the launching date, the more intensive the rumours on the “iPhone 5” gets. There are many different concepts of iPhone 5 out there giving you the heads-up while having you imagining the close-to-perfect smartphone. Well, here are we are going to let you know about some facts and also rumours of the iPhone 5. And be reminded, what you read here will still remain as rumours until the Cupertino-based company decides to announce the phone.

(credit: GottaBeMobile)

First of all, we start off with the most controversial leak. Some photos were leaked from a factory in China on what seems to be a metal iPhone design sample. Thanks to Gottabemobile for posting those photos. The sample design shows a taller and slimmer version of the iPhone. In detail, the two pictures show that the iPhone 5 is now 120mm tall (iPhone 4S at 115.2mm) and with a width that looks to be the same as the iPhone 4S (58.6mm). Nonetheless, this will spell a larger display screen. Exactly how much larger is still unknown. It will depend on the company whether they decide to extend the display screen all the way to the edge of the phone as shown by TheVerge.

(credit: TheVerge)

According to TheVerge, they had received sources regarding the iPhone 5 which lead them to the image (above). As you can see, the design is similar to the leaked photos above with a much wider display screen and an extra gesture area for the home button. It is stated that the image was based from a sketch they received from one of their sources. The sketch suggested a 3.7-inch display for the iPhone 5, 0.2-inches larger than the iPhone 4S (3.5-inch). 

(credit: TheVerge)

Back in May, the guys at 9to5Mac seem to have cracked some news out from the heavily-guarded Apple HQ. They reported that two of the next-generation iPhones in testing support a larger display at 4.0-inch. They also suggested a higher pixel-density (1136x640) for the larger screen. With their enormous upgrade in the pixels resolution for the new iPad, we don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same for the iPhone 5.

Also, you can weigh up Apple strategy for larger display screen as a response to their competitors current trend. Their arch-rivals Samsung had their Galaxy Note (5.3-inch) exceeding targets with 5 million buyers. It shows that a good majority want a larger screen size device. In addition, even their latest flagship devices are offered with at least more than 4.5-inch display screen [the Galaxy Nexus (4.65-inch) and the Galaxy S III (4.8-inch)]. While the trend is going for larger screen, the iPhone on the other hand has remained at a constant 3.5-inch since their first generation of iPhone.

With all these speculation and rumours, we can definitely expect an iPhone with larger display coming in this September or October. There are some other rumours regarding whether the processor will be A5X, LTE supported, quad-core graphic processor, and others specs-related stuff. It is indeed interesting to have such rumours on how high grade the device can go. However, we would like remain realistic here rather than report something too far-fetched. If you insist, I’ll sum it up here with a picture of the iPhone 5 spider concept for your enjoyment.

(credit:Federico Ciccarese)



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