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Nokia’s Lumia 910 possibly first Windows 8 Phone

July 13, 2012
By Nigel Chew


13 July 2012 - It could just be a wild rumour, but it seems that Dutch blog NieuweMobiel spotted the Nokia Lumia 910 on Nokia’s application testing program for developers, and they say it may be the first to run on Windows Phone 8. If you don’t recall, this Lumia 910 is supposedly to have been launched in May, but Nokia hasn’t actually mentioned anything on the device despite months of rumours.

Now that it’s appeared on Nokia’s app-testing program, it would be a reasonable guess that Nokia does have plans for it, and those plans might include Windows Phone 8, seeing Windows Phone 7 is all but dead. The Lumia 910 also might just be a variant of the Lumia 900 with perhaps something different like a 32GB storage to keep the market going before actual Windows Phone 8 handsets actually release.

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