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Controversial Chinese game yanked from the App Store

July 13, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

13 July 2012 - Apple is wielding its ban hammer against a controversial video game from its App Store - called Defend the Diaoyu Islands.

And if you drew the conclusion that the app reflects a real world geopolitical situation was the reason behind its removal, you were right. The game developed by China's Shenzhen ZQGame Network, has players defend the island against soldiers carrying Japanese flags, ninjas and sumo wrestlers.

The archipelago consists of five islands between Taiwan and Okinawa is being claimed by both the Japanese and Chinese governments, reportedly for its underwater natural gas and oil fields. People's Daily Online reported that Chinese fishery patrol ships engaged in verbal confrontation with Japanese Coast Guard near the disputed islands as recent as Wednesday.

Apple declined to comment, as per the company's policy on these matters. But Cupertino might be distancing itself from two countries with a long history of dispute.

Tech analysts Sun Megzi told China Daily, said the ban may have to do with Apple's terms of service, which requires that ‘enemies’ in a game cannot target a specific race, culture, or government.

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