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Apple has no plans to release gaming console

June 8, 2012
By Nigel Chew


08 June 2012 - Apple has continued saying that it isn’t interested in dabbling into the console business. Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned Apple’s interest in gaming, but it’s not interested into going into a full-blown gaming experience. He added that mobile is getting more popular, therefore the medium is evolving. Cook does say that Apple is fairly big in the gaming market, and mentions the increasing number of people playing on mobile devices, and that Apple would see where the future takes them.

After all, customers love games. He added, “I’m not interested in the ‘traditional’ console business, but Apple is a big player today, and things in the future would only make it grow.” Mobile is indeed growing, with all the unique and interesting games released over the year, something that doesn’t happen with the console platform seeing that it’s just a general repeat of similar games or sequels.

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