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Maxis' Samsung Galaxy S III price plans explained

June 8, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

08 June 2012 - Maxis announced their plans and packages for Samsung Galaxy S III.

The recommended retail price for Samsung Galaxy S III:

Samsung Galaxy S III – RM2199

Maxis are offering the packages using Rate Plan + Data Plan. So the total monthly commitment will be total of the Rate Plan + Data Plan [Eg. Value First (RM30/mth) + 1GB (RM 48/mth) = RM 78/mth]. The packages are available in 12-months, 18-months and 24-months.

Naturally, the device price will differ depending on the Data Plan chosen with their respective contract period. The Rate Plan will not influence the device price.

There are six Rate Plans - Value First and Value Plus 50/80/150/250/500. And three Data Plans - 1GB (RM48/mth), 3GB(RM68/mth) and 6GB(RM108/mth).

Here is the list of Rate Plans and charges:


We will be looking at the cheapest Rate Plans, Value First + the Data Plans offered.

There are two available Data Plans offered, 1GB (RM48/mth) and 3GB (RM68/mth.

Reminder: Upon registration, customers are required to pay for the first month commitment. That is lumped together with "Upfront Payment". However, we already included the sums of Device Price + Monthly Commitment in Total Upfront Payment for your convenience.


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