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Comparison - iPad 3 vs Microsoft Surface RT

June 29, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

29 June 2012 - With Microsoft jumping into the tablet market with its Surface tablets, we are looking at Microsoft’s ARM-based Surface RT against Apple’s ubiquitous new iPad (iPad 3) and break down their differences.

And aside from sharing WiFi connectivity, they are very different tablets and the Surface RT denotes the tablet has ARM architecture with an Nvidia Tegra ARM processor. On the other hand, the iPad 3 has a dual-core A5X 1GHz processor with a built-in quad-core GPU.

On the display front, the Surface RT has a 10.6-inch screen with 16:9 widescreen ratio compared to the iPad 3’s 9.7-inch Retina Display. The RT’s 1366 x 768 display resolution faces competition from the Retina Display’s whopping 2048 x 1024 pixel resolution.

The iPad 3 comes with iOS 5.1 right out of the box, but is upgradable to iOS6 when the operating system comes out fall 2012. iOS 6 will introduce a redesigned Maps app, deep Facebook integration, and improved Siri functionality. The Surface RT on the other hand, comes with Windows 8, so in addition to the Metro UI, you can also use the same software you use on a desktop with Windows 8.

Physically, the RT sports the tough VaporMg casing, and comes with a built-in kickstand that keeps the tablet propped up. Microsoft has also introduced the 3mm Touch Cover, which is a protective cover that doubles as QWERTY keyboard and trackpad. And at 9.3mm, RT is just as sleek as the 9.4mm thick iPad 3.

As for the camera, the Surface RT comes with yet unspecified front and rear facing HD camera and the iPad 3 comes with a front 5-megapixel and front 0.3-megapixel camera. 

There are three internal memory options on the iPad 3 - 16/32/64GB and the RT comes with a 32 and 64GB internal storage as well as a microSD slot. The RT comes with a full-fledged USB 2.0 port as well. Connectivity-wise, the iPad 3 is able to support LTE and HSPA for data connectivity.

Microsoft has yet to announced the official pricing for the Surface RT, but sources from the Internet pegged the  32GB RT at USD $599 (S$ 766), while the WiFi-only 32GB iPad 3 is priced S$ 658, so there is a S$ 108 or a sixteen percent difference between them.

From our initial impression, Microsoft’s RT looks like a solid contender in the tablet market - it is sleek, runs on Windows 8 and looks powerful enough to rival certain netbooks and ultrabooks. Also with Windows 8, you can create content and be as productive as you are in front of a desktop.

But if you are looking for a tablet that has an amazing display and with that iconic Apple design, the iPad 3 is still great device to read ebooks, and enjoy multimedia content on.

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Apple iPad 3

4G LTE + 9.7-inch screen (Retina Display) + A5X processor + WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n + 5-megapixel camera + 16/32/64GB internal storage

Apple just made the new 3rd Generation iPad (iPad 3) official and it comes with a Retina Display that goes up to 2048 x 1536 with a pixel density of 264ppi. In addition to the display, the iPad 3 will come with an A5x dual-core processor which in turn provides four times the performance boost in terms of graphics. The 3rd-generation iPad comes with 4G LTE support with speeds of up to 73Mbps.

Apple threw in a 5-megapixel camera at the back of the tablet, which has 1080p HD video recording capability.

The new iPad is priced at S$ 658 for the 16GB version, S$ 788 and S$ 988 for 32GB and 64GB respectively. With 4G models starting at S$ 828 for 16GB, S$ 958 for 32GB and S$ 1088 for 64GB.

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Microsoft Surface RT

WiFi + 10.6-inch ClearType HD   screen + Nvidia Tegra ARM processor + WiFi + front & rear facing camera + 32/64GB internal storage

Microsoft confirmed that it will be selling its own Microsoft-branded Windows 8 RT tablet under the Surface catalogue. Windows 8 RT denotes that the tablet will run on ARM architecture with the Windows 8 OS.

The tablet has a 10.6-inch ClearType HD capacitive Gorilla Glass 2 display, and has with an angled, all-magnesium VaporMg (pronounced Vapor Mag) case that weighs just under 676 grams, and only 9.3mm thick. The tablet is powered with an Nvidia ARM chip.

From the video preview, the tablet has a built-in stand, and a magnetically attached cover, which doubles as a keyboard and a multitouch trackpad. It comes in either 32GB or 64GB of storage. Connectivity options include HDMI, microSD, USB 2.0 and twin 2x2 MIMO antennas for WiFi.

Microsoft is saying that the Surface RT is coming 'fall 2012', which will most likely be the end of this year, and will unveil its pricing nearer to the availability date.     

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