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Google's Project Glass gets Explorer Edition, does live demo

June 28, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

28 June 2012 – Google I/O also saw Mountain View wax poetic about its futuristic heads-up display. Google’s Sergey Brin introduced Project Glass' first product  - the Explorer Edition's  ability to take photos as well as stream live video, and will be offering pre-order for developers who will only be getting it in early 2013. The rest of us will need to be patient, especially after product lead Steve Lee shot down a late 2012 launch.

Google also gave attendees a live demo of how the Explorer Edition streaming video services work over Google+ Hangouts. Four skydivers dove down over the San Francisco skyline to the Moscone Center to deliver a package to Brin. The package was then passed to bikers who jumped across buildings before rappelling down to Moscone. See Explorer Edition in action in the video below. 




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