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Waterproof your iPhone with PhoneDome sleeves

June 23, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

23 June 2012 – Don't fancy the ruggedized line-up at CommunicAsia? Well, you can get yourself a waterproof sleeve called PhoneDome that fits over the iPhone and a few Samsung phones (SII, SIII and the Note). From the CNET Asia’s photo and impressions, the sleeve is more like a temporary solution for those visits to the swimming pool or rain soaked outings.

A fully dunked iPhone 

Image Source: CNET Asia 

Made by Korean firm Neoneco, there is an adhesive flap that can be reapplied for about three times, so don’t expect an elegant or a permanent solution for water proofing, since you have to yank out the phone from the sleeve to charge it. So it is likely you will exhaust the ‘dome’ within three days.

PhoneDome is already available in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, and is hoping to introduce their sleeves into Asia. The PhoneDome currently comes in twos for US$20 and US$50, depending on the size if the sleeve. 


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