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Mobile Asia Expo 2012 Summary

June 22, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

22 June 2012 – The Mobile Asia Expo has come to an end. We have some highlights from executives on upcoming innovation that we should look forward to. Here’s what you should not miss out:

TD-LTE upgrade in China

Mentioned by Xi Guohua chairman of China Mobile, the company will be looking into upgrading their 3G TD-SCDMA base station into 4G TD-LTE. They expect to have 200,000 TD-LTE base stations before the end of 2013. The effort was supported by executives from Bharti Airtel and ZTE. Xi said that “China Mobile has the ability to build as many 4G base stations as it wants in a short period of time."

Overseas Data Roaming

More than 20 global operators pledged to make the overseas data roaming charges easier to understand and transparent to subscribers to avoid outrageous mobile data charges. One of the measures agreed is to inform subscribers via text messages the data roaming tariffs upon their arrival in another country. Secondly, there will be limited data roaming. The last one is to temporary suspending users roaming data when they exceed the limit.

HTC New Ecosystem

Also not to miss out is the HTC “new kind of ecosystem” as said by head of HTC China, Ray Yam. HTC will be revealing a new ecosystem that works between the closed model of Apple and the open model platforms such as Android and Windows Phone. Yam said that the new ecosystem will be "highly optimised experience similar to the Apple system,” but will not inherit its “exclusivity.” Instead, it is more about an open system standard where it can be used on other operating systems and by rival manufacturers.

DoCoMo To Focus on Cloud

The newly appointed president and CEO of Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo, Kaoru Kato, outlined the company latest strategy to focus on the delivery of cloud-based services. He said “We believe that cloud technology holds the key for realising smartphone services.” The company demonstrated their Shabette Concier voice-agent application which the company hopes to offer “an even better service” than the Apple's Siri.

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