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DoCoMo to focus on Cloud

June 22, 2012
Tan Ming Sin

22 June 2012 – Speaking at the Mobile Asia Expo was the newly appointed president and CEO of Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo, Kaoru Kato. At his keynote session Kato outlined the company latest strategy to focus on the delivery of cloud-based services. He said “We believe that cloud technology holds the key for realising smartphone services.”

The company demonstrated their Shabette Concier voice-agent application which the company hopes to offer “an even better service” than the Apple's Siri. The Shabette Concier was introduced by DoCoMo back in February 2012. Voice processing by this agent is not only in the smartphone itself but rather in the cloud via mobile network from DoCoMo itself. Previously it was only running on Japanese language only but currently the translation service is in trials to support 10 different languages. “Using these intelligent functions, we will be able to offer many different services to consumers, and in the end it is the consumer who decides which services they are going to use,” he explained.

DoCoMo to focus on Cloud

(Image Credit: Mobigyaan)

Kato also noted the limitation of the company as a carrier (an exact issue pointed out by China Mobile). However, the company decided to converge with various industries to create new value for their company. Kato said that they look forward to work with “many partners” such as media, commerce, M2M, finance and healthcare, and transform the company into an integrated service company. “M2M has been one of our focus areas, and we will work to expand the application of models in other devices,” he added.


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