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Amazon's cloud music service gets major label licensing

June 18, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

18 June 2012 – Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services is getting fully licensed, by four major record labels. According to CNET’s sources EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner already signed up with Amazon, with Warner being the first the sign.

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

With the licenses, Amazon is expected to have the right the access their users hard drive to see what songs they possess – similar to Apple’s iTunes Match. Amazon can just give their users access copies of the songs on Amazon’s library instead. This should take away the need for users upload all their songs to Amazon’s service. Labels called the scan-and-distribute model as copyright violation.

Record labels should come away happier from the deal as well, who earlier last year said that Amazon and Google’s cloud services were not entirely legal without licenses. And while we wait for Amazon to seal the deal officially, Google will be the only service left without a license. 


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