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What you need to know about iOS 6

June 12, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus


12 June 2012 – At Apple’s annual WWDC event earlier, the company took the opportunity to unveil the latest version of their mobile operating system, the iOS, now on its sixth iteration.

ios 6

Scott Forstall of Apple took centre stage to reveal some of features of the operating system, which they have promised runs into over 200 updates and improvements.  Here is what you can expect to see:

Siri upgrades


As we have already revealed earlier, Siri now has iPad compatibility, with support for sports scores and statistics as well as restaurant reviews, where users are able to book a table via OpenTable right from Siri's interface.

Movie listings have been thrown in as well, alongside Rotten Tomatoes integration, which serves a rating system for movie. Another neat feature is that Siri can now launch apps entirely through voice recognition. There will also be a number of new languages being added as well, among them Chinese and Korean.

Phone calling revamps

apple ios 6 features

Even the basic phone calling functionality has been given a boost, including a feature that has been added to other phones before this – SMS replies from the call screen itself, allowing you to text back right away if you are unable to take a call at that point in time.

There is also a brand new Do Not Disturb option that allows users to shut out incoming calls and messages on a pre-programmed schedule by the user. Do note however that in a case of an emergency, users can set the phone so that it allows someone who calls again within a period of time to finally get through.

Better mail

ios 6 features

As far as emails go, the iOS 6 is getting something from its desktop cousin, which is none other than VIPS, contacts for whom users receive special notifications. Also, videos and photographs can also now be attached inline in messages. And then there is also the much awaited pull-to-refresh functionality.

Shared Photo Streams

shared photo streams

Apple has given its Photo Stream service some adjustments, allowing you to select the people whom you wish to share photos with, whereby they will receive a notification whenever you share a new photo. Not unlike Facebook, we suppose.

The all-in-one Passbook

all in one passbook

New to the iOS 6 is the Passbook app, which Apple claims is the easiest way of getting all your passes in one place – boarding passes, movie tickets can be stored within the app itself for retrieval later.

Turn-by-turn navigation for Maps

apple maps

Easily one of the more interesting additions to iOS 6 is the fact that Apple has decided to abandon Google Maps in favour of their own map app, which has been enhanced with traffic reports and turn-by-turn navigation. Best of all, there is also Siri integration, which enhances the overall experience

Lost Mode

ios 6 lost mode

On a more amusing note, Apple has tweaked their Find My iPhone service with a new Lost Mode which allows the owner to send a phone number to the phone, allowing whoever who comes across the lost device to contact its rightful master. No guarantees that the person who finds it would do so, of course.

Eyes Free Mode

ios 6 eye free mode

Apple has announced that it has partnered with several car makers to integrate an Eyes Free mode feature into their respective automobiles. The feature, powered by Siri, allows users to use voice control to perform tasks such as tweeting, and whatnot. For the time being, the list of car makers include Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Audi, Jaguar, GM, BMW and Land Rover

And there you have it folks, just a highlight of the features that will be coming for the iOS 6, which official launches in the autumn. Developers on the other hand, will be getting their hands on a beta copy today to play with. It will support the iPhone 3GS and later, the second and third generation iPads and the fourth generation iPod touch.


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