Apple dominates 74% of smartphone and 95% of tablet traffic

June 1, 2012
By Nigel Chew

01 June 2012 - Going by a new report from online advertising network Chitika, smartphones and tablets now make up 20% of total web traffic in the U.S. and Canada. The PCs still have the chunk of traffic at about 80%, then smartphones at 14.6% and tablets with 5.6%.

Chitika also found that 95% of that tablet web traffic is from Apple’s iPad, the newest one to be exact. 72% of smartphone traffic is also Apples, with Android at 26%. Apple didn’t do so well in the desktop area, as 85% is from Windows and 13% to Macs. The report also mentions Windows Phone having  a third as much traffic as the BlackBerry. Despite Windows Phone having a smaller share of the market, the bigger displays on the devices could account for the proportionally large web browsing.

" Berdasarkan laporan baru oleh Chitika iaitu rangkaian pengiklanan online menunjukkan bahawa telefon pintar dan tablet menguasai lebih daripada 20% jumlah trafik laman web di A.S dan Canada. komputer peribadi masih memegang sebahagian besar daripada jumlah trafik dengan 80% diikuti telefon pintar 14.6% dan tablet dengan 5.6%. Chitikan juga mendapati 95% trafik daripada tablet adalah menggunakan Apple iPad yang baru dan 72% trafik telefon pintar juga daripada Apple manakala telefon Android dengan 26% daripada jumlah trafik "


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