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Microsoft to release 80-inch tablet?

June 1, 2012
By Nigel Chew


01 June 2012 - Microsoft actually has plans to market an enormous 80-inch ‘tablet’, something their VP has confirmed. This beast tablet is powered by Window’s 8, Microsoft’s coming operating system. Right now, the tablet’s on CEO Steve Ballmer’s office wall.

Image courtesy of The Verge

It’s reportedly Ballmer’s new swanky whiteboard, email as well as a phone. The tablet itself is to be marketed for office use in its initial stages. There isn’t anything on pricing or availability just yet. It would be quite interesting to have this on your wall. Right now, Apple only has the idea of the so-called ‘non-TV TV’ for now. Microsoft’s vice president Frank Shaw mentions Ballmer’s love for this ‘tablet’, and their plans to sell it, just not to the average consumer. The device is to show how Windows 8 can scale from a smartphone to screens 80-inches and more. If this tablet gets nicely priced within a small business’ reach, it could potentially ‘spice up’ the office. One day, you could see things like this all over the place.


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