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RIM 'Wake Up' Campaign now in dedicated website

May 7, 2012
By Tan Ming Sin

07 May 2012 – Previously RIM had their flashmob attack on Sydney Apple store using their anti-Apple “Wake Up” campaign. However, other than chanting “wake up” while holding the sign outside the store’s window, not much has been explained about the campaign itself. Now the campaign has their dedicated website to shows to others what they mean by“wake up”.


The content of the website:

Wake up

It’s time to mean business.

Now before you go looking for your suit and briefcase, we’re not talking about that kind of business.

Business is no longer just a suit=wearing, cubicle-sitting, card-carrying kind of pursuit.

These days being ‘in business’ means you’re the kind of person who takes action and makes things happen.

You don’t just think different… you do different.

It’s a simple choice: You are either here to leave your mark and eat opportunity for breakfast OR You’re satisfied to just float through life like a cork in the stream.

Now, we know some people will choose to float on by and that’s fine.

Being is business is not for everyone, but unfortunately… there is no middle ground.

You’re either in business or you are not.

For those of us with our eyes wide open, we need to realize there’s only one device for people who mean business… the brand that’s been in business from the very beginning.

Wake Up. Be Bold. Blackberry.


Here’s the link in-case you want to hear the content out loud;



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