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Samsung planning to buy mobile companies (except RIM)

May 6, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus


06 May 2012 - J.K. Shin, Samsung’s mobile business president, was with The Wall Street Journal and had revealed the South Korean manufacturer had started actively recruiting overseas software engineers as a way to catch up with Apple’s iPhone. Samsung had long developed their own software, and is now considering the possibility of having key acquirements in mobile space. Shin had said that due to technology’s rapid growth, it was a strain to do everything in-house alone. He also mentioned that India had ample qualified workers in software, along with smaller companies that have good skills in research and development.

Shin did not reveal any possible targets, and was also quick to deny acquisition of Canada’s Research in Motion. Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility may have unnerved Samsung, but Younghee Lee, Samsung’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, has maintained Google and Samsung’s continued partnership due to Android being the most popular platform.

The Galaxy S III is, according to Shin, an example of Shin’s renewed focus on software. While it is based on Google’s Android, he had highlighted the way Samsung engineers were still able to write new software and add unique features to it.

" J.K. Shin, presiden perniagaan telefon mudah alih Samsung, telah bersama The Wall Street Journal dan telah mendedahkan pengeluar Korea Selatan telah mula aktif mengambil jurutera perisian luar negara sebagai satu cara untuk merapatkan jurang mereka dengan Apple iPhone. Samsung telah lama membangunkan perisian sendiri dan Shin telah berkata bahawa disebabkan oleh pertumbuhan pesat teknologi, ia merupakan satu kemestian untuk melakukan segala pembangunan didalam syarikat. Beliau juga menyebut bahawa India mempunyai pekerja yang berkelayakan mencukupi dalam bidang perisian, termasuk syarikat-syarikat kecil yang mempunyai kemahiran yang baik dalam penyelidikan dan pembangunan "

Source: The Wallstreet Journal


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