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Several websites discovered to have malware specially to infect Android devices

May 6, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus

06 May 2012 - Hacked websites are usually used to infect PCs with malware, but now, according to the team at Lookout Mobile Security, there are hacked sites meant specifically to target Android devices. Known as NotCompatible, it is a Trojan that appears to be a system update but is actually a proxy redirect. After visiting a hacked website, Android’s mobile web browser will automatically download the malware which would be named ‘Update.apk’.

As with any drive-by downloads, the user will need to install the application. The malware can be found on several websites, but all have rather low traffic. Lookout says that it does not directly threaten the device, but it could be used to illegally gain access on private networks by having the device act as a proxy. If the Android device has “Unknown sources” disabled, NotCompatible will be unable to install.


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