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What can we expect at CTIA 2012?

May 6, 2012
by Jonathan Cheah

06 May 2012 – CTIA 2012 is generally considered to be the second largest mobile show in the US, after CES in January.

While Samsung has already stole a march on its rivals with the recent announcement of the Galaxy S3, we find that CTIA 2012 is not the draw that it once was.

Major brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Blackberry have already announced that they will not be at CTIA 2012. So who is coming to the party? The more familiar names would be LG, HTC, Kyocera, Huawei and ZTE – all Asian manufacturers trying to make inroads into the American market. Their offerings will most likely be Android-based.

CTIA executives bandy around names such as Plum Mobile, Unnecto, Emporia, and Konka all of which are smaller companies and likely to be the accompanying act for the main event telco announcements.

Sprint is expected to provide the highlight, officially launching LTE services, and in more locations than it is currently trialling. Some speculation has it that T-Mobile and Sprint will announce a jointly developed LTE network, halving costs and bringing the technology to market much faster than they could do individually.

The expectation is that much of the discussion will be around how to make money from a 4G LTE network, now that an LTE network is considered to be par for the course. A number of Ovum analysts had this to say about the matter, “One of the most pressing issues we expect to hear about is how operators will redefine commercial strategies that exploit customer demand in profitable and effective ways. This includes considering how to deliver mobile broadband beyond unlimited and tiered price-per-GB consumer plans. It also touches on questions around whether operators can realistically expect content providers to share the cost of delivering data traffic. How Wi-Fi fits into the equation, on both the commercial and network sides, will be prominent too. And finally, operators will no doubt be vocal about how US policies on issues such as wireless spectrum, net neutrality, and roaming will impact their business.”

Ovum analysts were also making some predictions about what to expect on the device side:

“We are also likely to see some US specifics on the latest Samsung Galaxy device, including carriers, launch dates, and pricing. The Galaxy series has been crucial to Samsung’s ability to avoid the doldrums affecting many of the other vendors. Lastly, we hope to see the latest from the major Chinese device vendors, Huawei and ZTE, who have been making steady inroads into the US device market, even as they have failed to penetrate the network infrastructure market stateside. Launching Windows Phone devices, and devices that use their own rather than carrier branding on the big four networks, are crucial objectives for both companies in 2012, and it would be good to see progress on both of these fronts at CTIA.”

Well, as usual, mobile88 will be here to cover the major announcements, and we would like you to stay with us for the breaking news as it happens.

" CTIA 2012 secara amnya dianggap sebagai pameran peranti mudah alih kedua terbesar di Amerika Syarikat, selepas CES yang telah diadakan pada bulan Januari.Samsung telah menarik perhatian dunia berbanding pesaing-pesaingnya apabila telah melancarkan model terbarunya iaitu Samsung Galaxy S3 , kami mendapati bahawa CTIA 2012 tidak diutamakan seperti dahulu. Jenama utama seperti Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola dan Blackberry telahpun mengumumkan bahawa mereka tidak akan berada di CTIA 2012. nama lebih mengenali seperti LG, HTC, Kyocera, Huawei dan ZTE - iaitu pengeluar Asia yang cuba untuk membuat menembusi pasaran Amerika . penawaran mereka kemungkinan besar adalah model atau peranti berasaskan Android "

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