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Nokia plans tablets and 'hybrid phones' in the future

May 6, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

05 May 2012 – Nokia is keeping itself busy despite all the negativity surrounding the firm, and is confident that it will turn things around. Nokia Chairman Jorma Ollila told the Financial Times the Finnish firm is set to release a range of tablets and "hybrid" smart mobile devices to help it compete against rivals like Apple and Samsung.

Ollila also teased that there will be "different hybrids, different form factors" for handsets in the future.

While he didn’t provide a clear timeline of said devices, rumours of a Nokia tablet surfaced earlier this year when the company’s head of design, Marko Ahtisaari admitted spending a third of his time designing an upcoming tablet. The rumoured 10-inch tablet puprotedly runs on Windows 8 with a dual-core processor.

As for Nokia’s 1.3 billion euro losses, Espoo’s chairman deflected from Nokia's current state saying he is “happy with what is happening. When you have such strong competitors in the marketplace it will take a bit of time but things are going well.”

"Nokia dilihat tidak membiarkan masa berlalu begitu sahaja walaupun syarikat dibelenggung masalah dalaman dan yakin dapat memulihkan keadaan seperti biasa. Pengerusi Nokia, orma Ollila memberitahu Financial Times bahawa Syarikat yang berpangkalan di Finland akan melancarkan beberapa model tablet dan peranti pintar 'hibrid' untuk membantu syarikat ini bersaing dengan pencabar seperti Apple dan Samsung. Namun,beliau tidak memaklumkan dengan tepat tarikh pelancaran peranti tersebut "


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