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LG announces the LG Optimus LTE2

May 4, 2012
By Nigel Chew


04 May 2012 – Something other than Samsung Galaxy S III came out today out of Korea, and it is from none other than Samsung’s rival.

By way of LG, the Optimus LTE2 is the company’s latest weapon in the smartphone war, sporting a crazy 2GB RAM, which has yet to be seen in any devices thus far. Also, the LTE2 will come equipped with a True HD IPS display, WPC-backed wireless charging capabilities, Android 4.0 and 2150 mAh battery. No mention of the CPU was made, but chances are it will be a quad-core monster to complement the amount of RAM.

Availability so far has been announced for Korea sometime this month, with no news of overseas releases being mentioned. 


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