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Samsung announces a number of accessories for the SIII

May 4, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

04 May 2012 - Samsung announced a few accessories to help out your SIII experience, with a few notable pieces such as the AllCast wireless dongle, which is a video-mirroring device similar to HTC's Media Link. With the dongle you can beam your movies or games to your big-screen TV at home.

Media Link 

Next up it is the S-pebble MP3, reportedly you can upload music to it, and share them directly from the SIII. We are unsure if it works as a standalone device however.


Like the Galaxy Note, it comes with a stylus pen too called the C Pen. Made from an aluminium body, it has a finish that is match the SIII’s metallic design.

There is a more - a flip-cover, a wireless battery-charging stand, spare battery, car dock, "metallic docking stand" and HDMI adapter.

Flip Cover

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