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Samsung Galaxy S III - Buddy Share, Smart Stay and S-Voice

May 4, 2012
By Tan Ming Sin

04 May 2012 – A device designed for human inspired by nature, the Samsung Galaxy SIII kicks off with more new features than what we have already known from the predecessor, Galaxy SII and Galaxy Nexus.  Other than the Pop Up Play, Burst mode and S-Beam that we have mentioned, the new Galaxy SIII also features Buddy Share, Smart Stay and S-Voice.

Buddy Share helps you to automatically forward your group photo to your friends by using face-recognition. The face-recognition will identify the subjects face and send the photo to them via email or text messages. It saves up your time to detect each and every face especially those from your family reunion photos.


Smart Stay uses the front-facing camera to detect if you are looking at the screen and keep the display from timing out. It is a pain if you are on reading news or enjoying some photos and the display keep timing out every now and then forcing you to gives the screen a light tap.


S-Voice - a voice recognition app for you to activate the phone by telling it what to do. Similar to the Apple iPhone 4S Siri, S-Voice allows user to do almost anything such as initiating calls, send mails, request songs, set reminder, capture photos and snooze the alarm. Currently the S-Voice supports eight languages; English, Korean, Spanish, and German.


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