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An Interview with U Mobile's CEO Dr. Kaizad Heerjee Part 2

May 28, 2012
By Mobile88 Editorial

8. What about the more established players?

As a young and dynamic company, we have the ability to move fast, along with the fast moving and ever changing market needs of today. We are daring and game changing, we challenge the status quo. This has reflected the growing confidence from customers to U Mobile’s brand and services and we have successfully achieved this milestone by focusing on 3 key strategies:-

i) Brand             

U Mobile is constantly striving to be unique amongst our peers through various value-add offerings paired with high quality services and strong brand affiliation that customer can benefit and relate to.

For example, we are proud that U Mobile is the first telco to offer a postpaid plan with Data that comes with Free Voice and Free SMS in a single package with the lowest rate in the market. This all-in-one plan catered to first jobbers and young executives segment is widely recognised as the best value postpaid package in the market.

As for our prepaid product, U Mobile is the first mobile communications network operator in Malaysia to offer free on-net voice calls nationwide with no limitations on the number of calls made within U Mobile network, first to offer Unlimited Mobile Internet with less than RM1 per day and the first telco to offer local rates for calls made in Singapore, with no roaming charges, and lowest data roaming rate. This unique services and value-added offerings found in U Mobile’s prepaid services have bagged U Mobile to win the "Best New Service Award" during GoMobile Innovation Awards which was held on 10 May 2012.

The company continued to prove its leadership when it took the broadband market by storm with the introduction of its 42Mbps mobile broadband service in September 2011. Providing the fastest mobile broadband in the nation has contributed significantly to U Mobile hitting its two million subscriber target early.

Based on feedback, our rates are still the most competitive in the market and we are proud that, though we are small, we can think big and dare to think differently!  We are happy to say that our efforts to be seen as a friendly and interesting brand. A contagious personality that puts a smile on your face has certainly paid off as our brand is about being different - not only through our communication propositions but together with our unique products and services which we develop to challenge the market’s status quo.

ii) Network

U Mobile has developed a unique network strategy to provide nationwide coverage for our customers. As mentioned earlier, we provide network coverage through a combination of our own 3G built network infrastructure in core city clusters, 3G RAN sharing with Maxis in other secondary cities and a 2G domestic roaming arrangement to provide nationwide 2G coverage for the rest of the country.

Our unique network model helps to facilitate and accelerate our access to wider market nationwide, faster network rollout.

iii) Distribution channel

U Mobile adopts modern distribution strategy in additional to the traditional telco sales channels to create U Mobile unique market approach. Apart from at U Mobile service centres, customers can also find U Mobile products and services at all Cosway, 7-Eleven, and Singer outlets nationwide, at hypermarket chains such as Giant, Tesco and even at independent convenient stores located in residential areas. Such unique approach in the market allows us expanding sales channel rapidly by leveraging on our partners’ existing retailing outlets and also boosted up our brand exposures in the market.

U Mobile’s effort in creating a niche within the ever-competitive telco space through the company’s three-pronged strategy – expanding network infrastructure, strengthening its brand through innovative product offerings and widening distribution channels - helped us secured the bestowed ‘Most Promising Service Provider of the Year’ award at the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards.

9. Will U Mobile building any in-house devices that will support LTE? (similar to Yes)

We have not confirmed any plans as yet.

10. What are your future plans for the company? (eg: expansion, acquisition or joint venture)

The company will continue to focus on its three core areas - brand and service that customers can relate to, nationwide coverage and high speed data, and distribution channels that consumers can easy get access to.

We are committed to continue providing innovative products and services to address different needs for different segments.

We will continue to invest in high speed data service to keep our leader position in this space. With the allocation of LTE spectrum, U Mobile is confident that our LTE ready network will give us a great advance in terms of fast delivery of the service to the market.

11. Any exciting strategies to pull potential customers to U Mobile?

We are focused to continue to leverage on our first mover advantage for high data speed access in broadband services and expanding our subscriber base by offering competitive pricing for broadband packages.

We believe the rapid adoption of 3G and data services in the Malaysian telecommunications market offers opportunities for a data focused non-incumbent 3G mobile communications network operator in Malaysia. We aim to differentiate ourselves from the incumbents and leverage on our first mover advantage in high speed broadband services by providing the fastest data speeds of up to 42 Mbps, while we intend to price basic services (voice and messaging) at an aggressive discount in comparison with the other market players.

We will be the leader in the data market. Consumers want a broadband service provider that delivers quality, affordable mobile data. That’s what we provide now and we have no intention of changing our proposition.

12.   What is U Mobile’s current subscriber base and what is the targeted increase?

We are delighted and proud that we have just reached over 2 million subscriber mark. Our goal is to keep the current momentum going and add another 1 million subscribers every year to U Mobile's network. We will continue to provide compelling products and services at the most affordable prices in town, and we are confident our subscriber numbers will continue to grow quickly.

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