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Australian favors iOS over Android - Google survey

May 16, 2012
By Tan Ming Sin

16 May 2012 - In a report by Google’s survey 49% of 1000 respondents in Australia were using iPhone and only 25% were using Android OS. 8% were using Symbian OS, 4% were using Windows Phone OS topping the 3% who were using Blackberry, 1% fell into “other” category and 9% didn’t know what device they were using.

The survey was in contrast to the survey result in US where 40% were Android users were topping off 32% iPhone users.

The Google’s survey result in Australia, however, causes uproar for the head of mobile advertising for Google Australia, Jason Pellegrino. He scolded “The mobile revolution isn't 'coming' — it's already happened. Mobile is no longer optional: businesses need to develop a mobile strategy now, or risk getting left behind."

Despite that, it was reported that the locals preferred to use laptops or PCs more than their smartphone especially when dealing with online payments. They quoted that it does not feel safe to make an online purchase via smartphone.



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