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Maxis HTC One V Plans Explained

April 6, 2012
By Tan Ming Sin

06 April 2012 - Maxis announced their plans and packages for HTC One V.

The recommended retail price for HTC One V:

HTC One V – RM999

Maxis are offering the packages using Rate Plan + Data Plan. So the total monthly commitment will be total of the Rate Plan + Data Plan [Eg. Value First (RM30/mth) + 1GB (RM 48/mth) = RM 78/mth]. The packages are available in 12-months, 18-months and 24-months.

Note: For HTC One V, Maxis will be offering their Value Plus Internet as well which we will be covering later on.

Naturally, the device price will differ depending on the Data Plan chosen with their respective contract period. The Rate Plan will not influence the device price.

There are six Rate Plans - Value First and Value Plus 50/80/150/250/500. And three Data Plans - 1GB (RM48/mth), 3GB(RM68/mth) and 6GB(RM108/mth).

Here is the list of Rate Plans and charges:

We will be looking at the cheapest Rate Plans, Value First + the Data Plans offered.

There are three available Data Plans offered, 1GB (RM48/mth), 3GB(RM68/mth) and 6GB (RM108/mth).

Reminder: Upon registration, customers are required to pay for the first month commitment. That is lumped together with "Upfront Payment". However, we already included the sums of Device Price + Monthly Commitment in Total Upfront Payment for your convenience.


The 6GB data plan is a new addition by Maxis. It is only available in 24-months and the Device Price is RM100. For the monthly commitment, it will be Value First (RM30/mth) + 6GB (RM108/mth) = RM138/mth.


Here's the Value Plus Internet Plan for HTC One V:

And here's the rate for Maxis Value Plus Internet Plan:

For more info on Maxis Value Plus Internet Plans: Click here

The monthly charges for these plans will be based on their names. (Eg. Value Plus Internet 50 = RM50/mth). So for HTC One V, you will have the option to go for a monthly commitment as low as RM50.


For more info: Click here


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