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Tips and Tricks: 10 Top Tips for the new iPad

April 30, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus


30 April 2012 - Think you know your iPad? Think again. There are some ‘hidden’ features you probably aren’t aware of.

·         If you dislike how you have to frequently double tap the home button when wanting to multitask apps, you can just touch the screen with four fingers, then swipe left or right between the active apps. The apps are arranged in the same order in the multitasking list after double-tapping the home button, with the most recent at the far left.

·         You can also swipe upwards or downwards with four fingers to reveal the multitasking bar.

·         Not only that, you can pinch all your fingers together on the screen to close the current app and show the Home screen.

·         After taking a picture, you can swipe to the right with a finger to show your last taken photo.

·         Tap on the playhead marker, then drag your finger to the bottom to more accurately scroll your audio or video.

·         Pressing Sleep and Home at the same time will take a screenshot of your screen.

·          Tap top right to quickly scroll back up.

·         Tap and drag the close keyboard key upwards to split your keyboard. 

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