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App Review: Marvel vs Capcom 2

April 30, 2012
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus

30 April 2012 - Late last week, Capcom had a surprise in the form of an iOS app of their classic arcade fighter Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for USD 2.99 (RM 9.00). It’s likely it’s just a tie-in with the Avengers movie, but nevertheless, it’s one of the most popular fighting games in history and if it hadn’t been released on either XBL and PSN in 2009, it would be difficult to play it unless you had a Dreamcast or the rare versions of the PS2 and Xbox.

It could be mostly for nostalgic flavour, since time’s effects on the graphics have not been kind. Still, the game features 56 characters, 28 each from Marvel and Capcom. Only 24 are available in the beginning though, while you unlock the rest via an in-game store using coins during play or completing certain tasks in arcade mode with various characters. The game’s focus is on the 3-on-3 tag-team matches, but it gets sluggish on the iOS that it would be more frustrating than fun. The interface is simple with single buttons for various actions, but sometimes they don’t respond accordingly.

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